How to fix the drives fragmentation?

Published: 18th November 2009
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Why do you need to fix the drives fragmentation?
Over time, your computer's files can be scattered over your hard drive; this is called fragmentation and a reason for file searches to be slower than usual. Apply the built-in tool of Windows to solve this problem and must be patient as it runs due to it will take a little bit long time.

How to repair the hard disk fragmentation? Standard operation is as follow:
Single click "My Computer," and then right click "C" drive, next click Properties, click Tools. Highlight your system drive, (usually C) then click Defragment. While you are there, on the General tab, you have the option clean the Hard Drive. Then click Disk Cleanup and select all the items in the window. Follow the instructions and OK your way out. Along with the defrag processes, it will put your hard drive back in proper working order. While you are there, uncheck the box for "indexing the files" this is another source of slow-up.
These processes are complex for some computer users who do not know computer a lot. It is hard for them to handle that way to defragment their hard disk. However, if they use the professional tool to solve the problem, there will be no problem. All the operation can be easily set in the default settings. What you should do is clicking the confirmation of process by mouse. This is fast and efficient method for every computer users.
You can choose which way is good for you to take care of your hard disk. In order to use your computer well, it is necessary for the computer users know something about how to do the computer maintenance job.

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